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Mathematical tricks to win at online roulette

From a mathematical point of view it is considered how increasing the number of roulette bets is not able to make a win.

Trick or luck, then?

Some more experienced players consider that playing on multiple online gaming sites is a good technique: contemporary gaming can improve your winnings, if you take the initial steps on how much to spend, and on when to stop (from the game) in case of a win how to play roulette online.

Betting Eur 100 on a single bet can become less risky if you make 20 bets of Eur 5.00 each , always on different sites for online gaming.

Many operators also consider that the European version of the online roulette game has a higher probability of winning than the American version of the game. On the American (online) gaming table, in consideration of the double 0, he puts the house in an advantageous position (margin of advantage equal to 5%).

Tricks to win at roulette: en prison

The playing technique for online roulette with the “ en prison ” game option can increase the odds of winning . The “en prison” option foresees that in the event of a 0 exit you do not lose your bet, but it is kept by the croupier (bank), who with another roll will determine whether the bet will be lost (definitively), or won.

Makeup The Surrender

The “Surrender” option provides that in the event of a 0 or double 0 in the American version of online roulette, it allows you to lose only half of the bet, obviously in case of no win.

A further technical advice from many experts is to “identify” on which type of wheel, and with which options to play. This is possible with a kind of free training to learn the rudiments of the online game of roulette, without losing or winning (a sort of test account).

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